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Several database responsibilities are essential to keep a database stable and efficient and to guarantee a continous and persistent data repository.

LysiDBAdmin helps you to perform daily database maintenance without in depth database knowledge :

  • Create or manage database user access rights
  • Create new truth tables and data allocation entries
  • Check actual database and truth table state
  • Manage facility configuration tables

The main program windows shows tool buttons for the several scopes :


LysiDBAdmin - Main program window

Pressing a tool button dialogues appears for the selected task e.g. create truth tables :


LysiDBAdmin - Dialogue window to create truth tables

Creating truth tables with LysiDBAdmin you don't have to know anything about the database architecture. Truth tables and data allocation entries are generated automatically.
The new entries are directly included by the other software components.


Pressing tool button for database user configuration the following dialogue appears :


LysiDBAdmin - Database user configuration dialogue

You can accurately (re)define which user is allowed to read, add or copy data from which research unit and time period.
Also administrator users can define other users to act as database administrators.


LysiDBAdmin has several configurations dialogues for itself to restrict the program user rights. Thus every program user runs this program with his own database administration rights.