LysiData - LysiControl Operating Software
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LysiControl is a software module for daily service and maintenance. It is designed to give the operator staff a quick overview on the facility state.
It offers a very flexible structure for event management and documentation :

  • Events and dysfunctions of all integrated units like sensors, datalogger and so on are shown in an ergonomic overview and can be handled in a most sophisticated way.
  • Processed events are directly distinguishable by optical label.
  • Recurrent events and errors are grouped and the operator can decide how long he wants to observe them.
  • Also every event is classified by default and the user can temporarily redefine its classification.
  • All events, changes and remarks are automatically stored in a historical table at the database and available after cancellation from the active event list.

The main program window of LysiControl and its options are shown below :



- Separate structured tree views for sensor and datalogger/system events
- One-click filter buttons for processed, alarm, warning and information events
- List view for event details
- Runtime activity protocol

LysiControl has also several editor masks for sensor or datalogger event which enable advanced event interpretation and annotation or considering a different event classification.
Some dialogues for sensor event processing are shown below :


The sensor event edit mask lets you :

- change event classification
- define validity periods (e.g. winter activity)
- add personal event information
- remove event from active event list

There are even some more dialogues for advanced event list of one sensor and event statistics.

Datalogger and system events can be checked and handled in analogue program windows.

After removing event information from active event list the events are no more displayed by LysiControl. But all informations can be used from the history event table for future scientific data or facility state analysis.