LysiData - LysiMess Data Acquisition Software
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LysiMess is the data acquisition software module for data collection, storage and monitoring.
It is the heart of scientific data software systems because it is designed to run 24 hours a day and 365 day a year generating continiuous data sets.

LysiMess comes with the following software benefits :

  • One software interface for all datalogger models in your research facility
  • Ergonomic overview of the actual data acquisition and sensor state
  • Integrated runtime activity protocol and runtime watchdog
  • Free scaleable acquisition cycles and intermission
  • Special module to collect soil water drain values and to tare weighing units
  • Special module to check and synchronise datalogger state
  • Self configuring via central database configuration tables

                                                   LysiMess - main program window

If you have a look at the software layer you see that LysiMess uses different software plug-ins to collect data from several models of installed datalogger.
Before the module starts working it is loading its configuration from the configuration tables at the database. This way it knows everytime which datalogger is initialising data of each sensor and which plug-in is to use for data collection.
Changing datalogger model only needs changing configuration and adding model needs integrating a new plug-in.


                                             LysiMess - software layer

Measured values can also be periodically collected from formatted text files or MS Access tables. This is very useful in mixed research environments with permanent and non-permanent connected dataloggers. This way all measured data will be merged into one compact unit.

At last using a database-plugin makes it easy for you to change database technology.