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offers you an integrated software system which is able to perform   the manifold and complex demands for scientific data acquisition, administration and evaluation in your research facility.

It has been developed since 2001 and is especially designed for lysimeter research facilities.

The LYSIDATA system consists of two main sections :

  • A most intelligent and flexible database architecture to keep highest reliability in data availability and accessibility and a persistent repository of your research data.
  • A system of integrated software components with standardised interfaces for each activity field to reach utmost flexibility in facility hardware modification and highest standard in scientific data analysis and facility operating.

The whole system is designed to be independent from both any measurement component and its technical structure or software preconditions like specific database system or using a DPC.
LYSIDATA is an all-purpose system so that it can be (and is already) transformed to another research institution then a lysimeter facility.

This way the LYSIDATA Software System stands for efficiency, economy and highest standard of data acquisition in research facilites.

Our homepage will be completed in the next few days,

since last update on 23.10.2006 following informations are available :

- Software-System-Components
- LysiMess - Data Acquistion Software
- LysiVisu - Data Visualisation Software
- LysiControl - Facilility Controling
- LysiDBAdmin - Database Administration Tool

If you are more interested in the LYSIDATA philosophy or wanted to know some details about the system you can download and read our  presentation from the lysimeter workshop at gsf - Germany in October 2006.


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